ImPACT Testing

Posted on: 09/30/2013

PHCA offers ImPACT testing


The CDC reports that 5-10% of individuals will sustain a concussion in any given sport season. Many schools now offer ImPACT testing, which is one of the tools a medical provider may use to safely return a concussed child back to play.  The clinicians at PHCA are pleased to now offer ImPACT testing in our Peabody office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ImPACT test?

ImPACT stands for Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive testing.  It is a computerized neurocognitive test designed to aid in the assessment and management of concussions.  PHCA will be conducting baseline and post injury testing so that we may better track your child’s recovery.

Who should have an ImPACT test?

We recommend any child over the age of 10 have a baseline ImPACT test before starting contact sports/activities. 

How long will this test take?

This test generally takes 25-30 minutes to complete but you should plan on being in the office for 1 hour total.

What is the cost of this test?

Baseline testing is not covered by your insurance company.  A baseline test costs $25.  If your child suffers a concussion, some insurance companies may cover the post injury test.

TO SCHEDULE: Please call 978.535.1110 and press 2


COST: $25    

NO CASH – Check / Credit Only


Please be aware that there can be no interruptions in the testing area.

If you are late, and testing has begun, you will not be allowed to test.

Also, cell phones will not be allowed into the testing area. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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